Rugs are an investment piece, so we have put together a rug care guide with tips and advice to help improve their longevity. Below is a simple guide for caring for your rug.


It is best to vacuum your rug before any dirt is embedded, ideally twice a week in the first few months, on low suction power.

Shedding and Pilling

All rugs are made from natural fibres that can result in shedding and pilling. This is a natural characteristic, and the removal of any loose fibres can be rectified with regular vacuuming and with a good quality vacuum cleaner that has a flat head attachment to avoid agitating the fibres.

The amount a rug sheds or pills can alter due to traffic, moving furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. Rugs should be regularly rotated to ensure even wear.

Spots and Spills

Viscose and Bamboo Silk Rugs

If your rug contains any viscose or bamboo silk, follow this care instruction.
Do not spot clean or use liquid cleaners (including water) on viscose rugs.

Viscose rugs need to be dry cleaned using a professional rug cleaner. Initial spills should be blotted (be sure not to scrub, as this will damage the pile) immediately with a paper towel or colourless cloth. Then arrange a professional rug cleaner for a dry cleaning service as soon as possible.

Wool, Cotton and Jute Rugs

We recommend treating spots and spills immediately with warm water and a paper towel. If the stain persists, contact a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible. Do not scrub rugs as it may cause permanent pile damage.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure for extended periods of time may cause fading. We recommend regularly rotating your rug to minimise colour change.


Pop-ups are another completely normal characteristic of flat-woven rugs. A pop-up is simply a loose thread. Our rugs are all handwoven where a craftsman weaves the yarn back and forth across the loom until they run out of yarn. In all carpet and rug weaving, these threads are tucked in as the new piece of yarn is started.

Basically, a pop-up is when the very end of the yarn works its way loose. They should not be considered a fault, or a reason for return. Pop-ups can either be left alone, gently cut off, or pushed back into the structure of the rug.

Outdoor Rug Care

We recommend to shake or vacuum your outdoor rug regularly with low suction power. Avoid exposure to heavy rain or stagnate water and do not vigorously scrub rugs as it may cause permanent pile damage. Treat spots and spills immediately — to remove excess moisture, use a clean dry cloth. Mild detergent may be used but we suggest to do a spot test to check colourfastness. When cleaning your rug with a mild detergent and water, be sure to gently brush both sides of the rug. Repeat as necessary and rinse with clean water. Dry in sunlight — make sure both sides are thoroughly dried. Regularly rotate your rug to ensure even wear. Store your rug in winter months or severe weather conditions.

Can i recycle my rug?

Visit for more information on how to dispose of your existing rug in an environmentally responsible way.

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